Friday, October 11, 2019


Through October 27, 2019
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Howard Gollop

The book, credited to no less than three playwrights -- Colman Domingo, Robert Cary and Des McAnuff -- plays like a movie trailer for a full-fledged biography that never gets released. In layered flashbacks, scenes are truncated to the point of merely being hinted at, amounting to little more than introductions to Summer's songs. 

Mark Horning

For those of us who came of age during the time of multi tiered dance clubs, disco music and garish dress this show is a delightful blast from the past (emphasis on the blast). You will find yourself dancing to the beat in your seats. Its party time!

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Laura Kennelly

BOTTOM LINE: It’s light as a feather (despite lip service to women’s rights and equal pay) compared to biographical musicals such as Funny Girl or Gypsy that make us care about their subject. However those who really enjoyed Jersey Boys or Motown may find themselves loving it and dancing. (BTW: There’s a party next door to the theater after every show.)

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Andrea Simakis

In the end, “Summer” is a lot like that mirrored disco ball: cold and dazzling, with a Styrofoam core.

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