Saturday, October 5, 2019


Through November 3, 2019
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Roy Berko

The production is riveting.  Fast paced, lines clearly stated, actions exciting, and acting well-textured.  This is Shakespeare staging and performance at its finest.  It’s a must see for anyone who enjoys good theater.  Kudos to Sara Bruner and her fine cast and technical staff!  
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Howard Gollop

After all, the concept of cross-dressing -- females playing males and vice versa -- is as old as Shakespeare itself. So when cross-gender casting is done well, as in this case, the work looks as new and fresh as ever.

Mark Horning

You have not really experienced live theater until you have witnessed one of Shakespeare’s greatest works done exceptionally well by a most professional of theater groups. Have no fear of being able to decipher the Middle English tongue. This production is done in the most easily understood manner. This is great theater and should not be missed.

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Laura Kennelly

Sarah Bruner, director of Julius Caesar now at Great Lakes Theater, brings grim reality (and a bit of modernity) to Shakespeare’s classic tale about politics, changing rulers, and trusting sycophants.

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Andrea Simakis

In Bruner’s “Julius Caesar,” a woman in power is normalized; it’s factual, not freakish. That’s as much a tribute to Bruner’s direction as it is to Healey’s majestic performance. Her voice is commanding. She strides with purpose. She fills space with her presence, at ease with being the sun around which everything revolves.

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