Tuesday, October 15, 2019


Through November 3, 2019
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Roy Berko

“Pipeline” is a powerful and intelligent new play which lays a smorgasbord of issues facing black young men, African American families, and the societal responsibility of working toward confronting the long smoldering problems concerning the education of people of color and the consequences of the system as now conceived.  The CPH production is well-worth seeing.  Expect to participate in a long conversation about the play on the ride home.

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Mark Horning

This intermission free ninety minutes flies by as we are witnesses to the turmoil brought on by spousal betrayal and the resulting problems in its wake with a story ripped right off the headlines that brings us face to face with a growing problem in our society.

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Laura Kennelly

Despite a good effort by the talented Cleveland Play House team, it’s not enough to smooth over distracting dramatic elements inherent in the play itself. Pipeline tries to cover too many important social topics — public and private education, divorce, single parents, social reform — all at once. It takes a village to make a mess? I don’t think that’s what the playwright had in mind, but that seems to be what she shows us. Morisseau, a MacArthur Foundation Genius Grant awardee for 2018, offers 90 minutes of pain about marriage, schools, responsibility and assumptions.

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Andrea Simakis

Pipeline” is Morisseau’s argument that we can all do better: Parents. Teachers. Students. Administrators. Government. The Village. Her best idea? Ask him what he needs — then really listen to what he says.

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