Saturday, June 1, 2019


Through June 30, 2019
(216) 521-2540

Bob Abelman

Beck Center offers a well-acted but ill-conceived ‘King Lear.’  

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Mark Horning

With its bare bones set and costuming in this 100 seat theater you are in for an intimate and totally immersing experience of Shakespeare as you rarely see it. The only way to make it more compelling would be to assign lines to the audience members. This is truly one of the best cast and most vivid productions of this outstanding drama. Buy a ticket and be amazed.

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Laura Kennelly

Shakespeare’s King Lear shines with fresh light in this subtle and brilliant Beck Center production. Director  Eric Schmiedl has created a new view of this familiar classic by ditching frills, fancy  costumes and elaborate sets. It’s nothing like the King Lear you might have been forced to read in school (of course, if you liked it then, never mind this sentence.)

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