Friday, June 28, 2019

33 1/3 @ Dobama

Through July 14, 2019


Bob Abelman

In Noël Coward’s 1930 comedy of manners “Private Lives,” music plays a crucial role when the brilliant dialogue cannot carry all the emotional weight of the storytelling.  So much so that one of the characters casually remarks: “Extraordinary how potent cheap music is.”

This sentiment drives Jay Turvey and Paul Sportelli’s new musical “33 1/3,” which re-imagines the jukebox musical so that pop music becomes the subject matter and not the accompanying score.  And it does so with endearing sentimentality, a subtle sense of humor, and a remarkable delicacy that draws the audience into its nostalgic world and keeps us there in a gentle embrace.

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Roy Berko

“33 1/3,” in its world premiere at Dobama, is a work in progress.  It will be interesting to see what, if any changes the authors make as the piece moves forward.  You might want to see it here, so you can say “I saw it in its infancy.” 

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Mark Horning

All shows during their evolution have needed shortening, the inserting of a block buster song as well as a song to illustrate the main character’s desires. This is what this show could use. While this staging is “nice” it needs more biting comedy, a stronger story and a hit song or two all in a shortened time frame. 

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