Wednesday, September 19, 2018

MAMMA MIA! @ Great Lakes Theater

September 28-November 11, 2018
216-241-6000 or visit

Bob Abelman

Seven times a charm at Great Lakes Theater’s Mamma Mia!’ 

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Roy Berko

MAMA MIA! is once again an audience pleasing delight.  If you haven’t seen it before, go!  If you have, go again! 

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Mark Horning

Sometimes we go to the theater just for the fun of it and this show fills the bill for just that. Bright, airy and light with lots of bouncy irresistible music and dancing it is designed to make the entire family smile. Great Lakes Theater has hit a grand slam home run with this show. 

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Christine Howey

This isn’t a show where reality and subtle characterizations rule the day. It’s all about energy, and this production delivers plenty of sizzle with the eye-candy costumes designed by Tracy Christensen, songs that render resistance futile, and young bods in frenzied motion.

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Laura Kennelly

Mamma Mia!, the Great Lakes Theater joy fest now at the Hanna, deserves the exclamation mark already in the title. (Maybe it needs two!!) This utterly delightful escape, directed by Victoria Bussert, strings together dancing pop songs by (and inspired by) ABBA, a 1970s-era Swedish pop group.

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David Ritchey

For Broadway quality musical theater, look no further than the Great Lakes Theater’s production of  “Mamma Mia!”  This is theater at its best when everything falls into place and it’s in a good place. 

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Andrea Simakis

Here we go again, yes, but this "Mamma Mia!" has something more to say about the lives and loves of women than productions that have come before--enough reason to take those sparkly boots off the shelf and come out of retirement.

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