Thursday, April 27, 2017


Through May 14, 2017
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Bob Abelman

“Something Rotten!” is the kind of big, boisterous and brassy musical theatergoers think about when the word “Broadway” is mentioned.  This tour meets all expectations and is an absolute treat to watch.

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Roy Berko

“Something Rotten” is a theatrical treat…a wonderfully conceived and performed musical farce.  Anyone who wants to go to the theater and have a great time, unburdened by a complicated plot, listen to fun lyrics, see dynamic dancing and experience two acts of non-stop laughter…this is the must see musical!

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Kerry Clawson

There are so many hilarious musical theater references cleverly enfolded into the wacky "Something Rotten!" — in both sly and obvious fashion — this show is a musical theater lover’s dream.  Doubling the laughs are the creative ways in which book writers Karey Kirkpatrick and John O’Farrell and lyricists Wayne and Karey Kirkpatrick ingeniously weave the great words of the Bard into this wholly original musical, which brings together the 1595 world of Shakespeare with the many joys of the Great White Way.

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Howard Gollop

The show erupts into all — and I mean ALL — the show-biz pastiches --Tin Pan Alley to hip hop -- incessantly making references to virtually every Broadway musical ever written to go with it.
Trouble is, there really is nowhere new to go after the first showstopper production number early in the first act — hence, an onslaught of more showstoppers and more allusions to more Broadway musicals.  The touring production has more-than-acceptable Broadway luster — creating a smashing evening on the town. Yes, it may be decent Broadway, but it sure ain’t Shakespeare.

Mark Horning

Everything you have heard about this show is true. It is a fast pace, highly energetic, extraordinarily funny huge hit that everyone will want to see. Half of the fun is discovering all of the Broadway references sprinkled throughout the show. You are guaranteed to leave the theater laughing.
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Laura Kennelly

‘Tis a happy occasion for the provinces (AKA Cleveland, to put it in Elizabethan style) when [Broadway] Royalty visits. And, make no mistake, Something Rotten! offers a very very happy occasion--it’s one of the best new musicals around. The National Touring Company of  Something Rotten! (the Broadway show closed January 1st) brings rich and silly merriment to the Connor Palace.
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