Friday, August 26, 2016


August 26 through September 17, 2016
(216) 687-0074

Bob Abelman

Evocative but empty.  This describes the abandoned pair of over-sized, fire engine red clown shoes laying in the middle of the convergence-continuum performance space, as well as the world premiere production of local playwright Christopher Johnston's “Selfies at the Clown Motel” taking place around them.   

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Roy Berko

Selfies at the Clown Motel is a difficult play to sit through.  It’s lack of focus, purpose, even with several outstanding performances, leaves little to recommend it.

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Mark Horning

Convergence-Continuum bills itself as theater that opens into unknown territory by breaking down the fourth wall.  With its intimate seating (set in some cases inches from the action) you feel more a part of the play than a bystander.  At the end of this work you may come to realize that we are all Bozos on this bus.

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Andrea Simakis

What we are left with is a middle-aged male fantasy of the hetero variety (holed up in a motel in the middle of nowhere with a girl who can put her foot behind her ear – right on, brother!), uncomfortably stretched over two acts like skin in a face lift.

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