Wednesday, August 17, 2016


August 18 through September 4, 2016
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Bob Abelman

Playwright Local’s ‘Objectively/Reasonable’ hits home hard.

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Roy Berko

It is the purpose of the Playwrights Local to produce works of North Eastern Ohio writers.  If their future efforts produce anything like this painful to watch but well conceived play, their purpose will be well confirmed.  This is a must see experience for anyone interested in the real world around them, especially if they are not part of the African American community.
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Mark Horning

As in all things of our great and varied society it takes a senseless tragedy to bring attention to a much larger problem.  “Objectively/Reasonable” is the window that has opened for all to view the inequity of law enforcement activity in the less advantaged Cleveland neighborhoods.  It is a show that begs to be seen by police officers and citizens alike in order to break the silence and begin a dialog where community and safety officials unite in a common cause.  If not, we are doomed to repeat this tragedy over and over again.

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Andrea Simakis

The play grapples with the notion of how such a thing could be, as a prosecution expert claimed, "reasonable."  And why Cleveland didn't burn. The sentiments of ordinary Clevelanders echo through the 90-minutes piece, mingling with the observations of figures with more intimate knowledge of the case.

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