Saturday, April 16, 2016


Through May 1, 2016

Bob Abelman

Olmsted Falls-born, Catholic-raised, Actors’ Summit-based Keith Stevens sure makes a convincing Latvian Jew.

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Roy Berko

TALLEY’S FOLLY is a fine play that gets an excellent production.  The cast (Keith Stevens and Shani Ferry) create real, accessible characters.  The story showcases the kinds of prejudices that often cause problems in people’s lives and gives a hopeful glow that there is hope, even in light of hate and gossip mongering.  This is a go-see evening of theater!
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David Ritchey

A good, old-fashioned love story provides an interesting night in the theater and something to talk about on the way home. “Talley’s Folly” is such a story and, now, it’s lighting up Actors’ Summit Theater.  Lanford Wilson (1947-2011) (playwright) provides the audience with a brief look into life in Lebanon, Missouri, where he lived as a child.  Set in 1944, at the peak of World War II, “Talley’s Folly” reflects the fears and hopes of mid-westerners as they prepare for the end of the war.  Will the country fall into an economic recession when the soldiers return home from the war?  Will people become more accepting of others, who might not be like themselves?

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