Monday, April 4, 2016


April 5 through 17, 2016

Bob Abelman

Touring jukebox musical ‘Beautiful’ is aptly named

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Roy Berko

BEAUTIFUL THE CAROL KING MUSICAL is a solid script which gets a superior production that should delight local audiences.  Every element of the juke box show, the performances, the visual effects and the musical sounds are appropriately “beautiful!” 
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Kerry Clawson

 Music legend Carole King wrote scores of chart-toppers for other artists in the ’60s and produced more than 100 hits on the Billboard Hot 100 throughout her career. But deep down, she was a normal, down-to-earth Brooklyn girl who was devoted to her family.

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Howard Gollop

Vocally, everyone rises to the occasion, at least achieving the recognition level of a good cover band As the curtain falls, we really don’t learn much more about King than a casual fan might have already known or imagined ...   But sometimes, just spending a couple of hours with a nice Jewish girl and her and her exceptional music is more than enough for a fulfilling evening of theater.

Mark Horning

“Beautiful: The Carole King Musical” gives a truthful and unblinking look at the musical maturing of one of the greatest composers ever.  Fans of Carole King will love the show with new fans being made as well.  The show is Beautiful, indeed.    
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Christine Howey

The result is a bead-stringing process of covering a whole bunch of hits from the past while injecting some humanity into the proceedings. And even though you can see the show straining to touch all the bases, the music and some interesting performances win the day.

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David Ritchey

 “I didn’t know she wrote THAT,” seemed to be the echo heard round the Connor Palace Theatre, in Cleveland’s Playhouse Square.   “Beautiful: The Carole King Musical” took the stage and filled the Connor Palace Theatre with 26 hit songs by Carole King.  The songs link the life story of Carole King from a 16-year-old girl,  in the mid-1950s, who takes her first songs to an agent and concludes with  her concert in Carnegie Hall after her award winning album, “Tapestry.”

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