Thursday, January 7, 2016


January 7 through 23, 2016
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Bob Abelman

“This happened.”  These are the final words in the play “Incendiaries,” which explores the race riots that tore through Cleveland’s east side Hough neighborhood in the late 1960s.  But the hope of its creators is that these won’t be the last words when it comes to public discussion about the conflict that exists between law enforcement agencies and the communities they serve.

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Roy Berko

Cleveland Public Theatre and Ohio City Theatre Project should be praised for undertaking the showcasing of an era in Cleveland history that tells an important tale.  The overall effect, except for the talk-back session, was a good example of how theater can be a conduit for sharing historical and sociological information and creating insightful intra-thought.

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Mark Horning

From the opening salvo of voice to the final shout of rebellion, “Incendiaries” grips you.  Be prepared for a goose bump, hair tingling, gasping in your face theater experience.  Stay for the discussion following the show to see if anything has really changed in the fifty years following the events in 1966.  

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Christine Howey

If you want to get a visceral sense of how it felt to be swept up in the Hough riots, Incendiaries will take you by the hand through that hellscape. But if you yearn for a deeper look at how that awful week damaged our city's psyche for decades to come, you may have to look elsewhere. 

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