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September 5-October 5, 2014
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Bob Abelman

According to Russian novelist Fyodor Dostoyevsky, in “The Brothers Karamazov,” hell is the suffering of being unable to love.  Playwright Amy Herzog would argue quite the opposite.     

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Roy Berko

Belleville” is a dark, draining play.  It looks at the limits of trust, truth, deception and dependency.  Dobama’s production is superb.  The writing, acting, staging and technical aspects all blend together to make for a compelling evening at the theatre.  It’s a must see for anyone interested in theatre and the limits of the human condition.
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Mark Horning

This play is much like slowing down on the highway to view a horrific but spectacular automobile accident.  As our eyes are drawn to the carnage we recoil in horror with what we have witnessed but still cannot stop looking.  This is a work that will sit uncomfortably for some time.  Precisely acted but disturbing none the less.  
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Christine Howey
Some of the scariest moments in theater and in life can arise from seemingly predictable, every-day situations. There's something about a placid fa├žade hiding a terrifying secret that is more blood-curdling than a spooky haunted house at night. This is the effect that playwright Amy Herzog is after in Belleville, now at Dobama Theatre. And there certainly are a couple chilling moments. But due to a lot of loose ends in the script and excessively languorous pauses in the performance, the show oozes to a rather limp conclusion.
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Andrea Simakis

That it ["Belleville"] doesn't live up to the hype is something of a conundrum.
Maybe that's because it's one of the most pretentious plays I've seen in years, with the final scene delivered entirely in French (sorry, no subtitles in live theater).

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Art Thomas