Friday, September 26, 2014

THE PILLOWMAN @ convergence continuum theatre

September 26-October 18, 2014 or 216-687-0074

Bob Abelman

Once upon a time, fairytales were a great source of pleasure, poetry and principles for generations of young children.  In recent decades, the Disneyfication of children’s stories has raised concerns that children are getting no message at all or, worse, a blatantly commercial one.  Playwright Martin McDonagh’s “The Pillowman” offers a different take on the worse-case scenario – one that is grimmer than Grimm and, in the hands of convergence-continuum, thoroughly enthralling.

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Roy Berko

“The Pillowman” is a disturbing script which gets a mainly effective production at con-con.  It is not a play for those who go to the theatre for escapism, but it will be of interest to the type of theatre-goer that likes to delve into the world of motivations, philosophical decisions, and the effects of the actions of others on the psyche. 

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Mark Horning

This is one of those plays that you will either love or hate depending on your point of view.  It is the epitome of dark comedy where you will find yourself laughing at odd times then questioning yourself about your response.  I found the work intriguing and well worth the effort.

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Christine Howey

So, does art owe a debt to society or should it just follow its own instincts, wherever they lead? Should art be a humanizing force? Good questions. One way to find answers is to see The Pillowman, throw up in your mouth a little, then start thinking.

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