Saturday, November 9, 2013


Cleveland Play House November 1-30, 2013

Bob Abelman

“Venus in Fur” leaves its audience very well entertained and emotionally spent, without the tell-tale signs of rope burns or lash marks.

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Roy Berko

VENUS IN FUR is good kinky fun.  It will send many home to a night of fantasy.  Be aware, that if you are the kind of theatre-goer who likes clear endings to your plays that wrap up the action and makes the author’s meaning clear, you’ll probably be frustrate with VENUS IN FUR. 

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Fran Heller

In this ferocious and funny battle of the sexes, characters switch rules and gender faster than the blink of an eye.
The result is a tour de force for the actors but a wordy, hopelessly convoluted quagmire of a play.
The play left me cold, but the acting was hot, hot, hot.

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Mark Horning

Cleveland Play House’s “Venus in Fur” now playing at Second Stage is a convoluted story that is difficult but not impossible to follow.  Be sure to take someone along whose intellect you admire so that the two of you can figure the play out afterwards.  Fascinating but troubling at the same time.

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Christine Howey 

Written by the ever-witty David Ives, this play-within-a-play tantalizes and torments the audience in such an intricate manner, it is fully engrossing yet mysteriously incomprehensible. Kind of like sex, kinky or otherwise.

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Andrea Simakis

A mixed blessing might sum up the whole production. While it’s jazzy and fun, you leave the theater yearning for a little more dirt and danger.  And if some of the larfs have to go, well, crack that whip. 

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Art Thomas 

A contemporary battle of the sexes, this script didn't raise my lukewarm perception of playwright David Ives. The two performers capture the tension more than the fun in the script--and be aware that even the "fun" lies in watching a battle of psycho-sexual power shifts. 

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