Friday, November 22, 2013


Ensemble Theatre
November 22-December 15, 2013 or 216-321-2930

Bob Abelman

“Prelude to a Kiss” is a delightful evening’s entertainment – a fairytale adventure into the human heart.   Director Martin Friedman’s vision for this production is facilitated by the playwright's weightless writing at the start of the play, where these characters are absolutely charming and immediately endearing.  This play leaves the audience with the same amiable disorientation shared by its characters as they recover from their fantastic journey – unsure about what was real and what was not, but changed for the better from the experience. 

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Roy Berko

Ensemble Theatre’s PRELUDE TO A KISS is one of those plays and productions, that while a perfectly acceptable evening of theatre, quickly fades from memory.

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Mark Horning

  “Prelude to a Kiss” at Ensemble Theatre is a nice easy evening of escape.  At intermission you will find yourself wondering how this will all play out.  Nothing too heavy and some light comedy to bring a smile to your face plus some interesting questions raised to make you think.

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Christine Howey

There are obvious jokes to be had while working this admittedly well-worn conceit, but Lucas has some more subtle and serious thoughts in mind. And this production, as directed by the savvy Martin Friedman, finds many of those nuances.

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