Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Loush Sisters DO The Nutcracker

Cleveland Public Theatre
November 29-December 21, 2014
216-631-2727 or go to

Mark Horning

The Loush Sisters Do the Nutcracker is a irreverent romp that combines holiday songs with pop music to highlight the history of the highly dysfunctional Loush family.  For those with an open mind and a warped sense of humor you will find it entertaining and ridiculous.  It is a nice alternative for the holidays.       
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Andrea Simakis
Headlining a hysterical, wildly inappropriate cabaret are the far-from-puny-talented Holly (Beth Wood) and Jolly (Liz Conway), the titular Loush Sisters -- pronounced, as Holly explains it, "like 'loose' and 'lush,' only fancy." The two nouns perfectly describe the girls who can't say "no" -- to booze, boys and bawdy self-reflection.

To see a full review of this show, read Andrea Simakis' blog or visit here.