Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Cleveland Play House
September 13-October 6, 2013
216-241-6000 or go to

Bob Abelman

The 90-minute bio-drama offers historical facts in an easily digestible format that is as entertaining as it is unsatisfying.  Fortunately, Woody Guthrie’s songs – which take center-stage in “Woody Sez” – still resonate. When played and sung with the virtuosity and passion possessed by these performers, the show becomes more than the sum of its parts and is incredibly moving.   

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Roy Berko

If your definition of a musical is an orchestra in the pit, dancing, and a plot in which the songs perfectly fit into the story line, WOODY SEZ: THE LIFE AND MUSIC OF WOODY GUTHRIE isn’t for you.  If, however, you get off on learning about a real person, and sharing his music and philosophy, presented by an engaging note-perfect cast, this is the show for you.  CPH has opened its 98th season with a sure audience pleaser!

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Fran Heller

Woody Sez" is an informal, largely shapeless and rambling work whose weaknesses are two: neither drama or musical, but a hybrid that tries to condense too much material in the 90 minute revue and whose format of story and song grows repetitious.
Show's strength lies in Woody's songs and musicians who strum their guitars, banjos and fiddles with such expressiveness that the instruments assume a character of their own.

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Mark Horning

 “Woody Sez, The Life & Music of Woody Guthrie” goes well beyond the folk music.  It is a fascinating story in song of a man who earned the right to stand up and shout for the downtrodden yet is told with humor and hope.  You will leave feeling better than when you arrived. 
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Christine Howey

If a combination of folk music and liberal politics (remember those?) sounds perfect for you, then you best hustle down to see Woody Sez at the Cleveland Play House.

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Andrea Simakis

One of the best things about WOODY SEX is how smartly and seamlessly it weaves biography and music into a passionate portrait of a man who spoke truth to power with little more than a guitar and gumption.  It is simply one of the bet of its genre, the wheat-gold standard by which all other musical bios should be judged.

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Art Thomas

Those who remember Woody Guthrie will find many new songs in the show's three dozen playlist. More importantly, "Woody Sez" will introduce a new generation to the social activist. Personal tragedies, unions, and Communism are dealt with in a cursory way, but what emerges strongly is the passion that Guthrie had to right the wrongs he saw. The first-rate cast have unbounded joy for the material---and the musical chops to transfer the joy to the audience. 

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