Monday, September 23, 2013



Lakeland Civic Theatre
September 20-October 6, 3013

Bob Abelman

“Boeing Boeing” premiered in Paris in 1960, where it ran for seven years.  An English translation was first staged in London in 1962, where it ran for seven years.  When the show came to Broadway in 1965, it lasted 23 performances.  Unless you are French or British, you will likely side with the New Yorkers when seeing this Lakeland Civic Theatre production.

Roy Berko

BOEING-BOEING is a light-weight farce that receives what should be an audience pleasing production at Lakeland Community Theatre.    

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Fran Heller

Farce, with its pratfalls, pummeling, slamming doors and split-second timing is pure physical theater and fiendishly difficult to pull off.
The production at Lakeland Civic Theatre does not induce paroxysms of laughter, but it holds its own, gathering comic steam in the second act after a sluggish takeoff in the first.

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Christine Howey

Once you accept the show’s premise as a charming anachronism, the stage is set for lots of door-slamming hijinks. And that does happen at times.  But the over-long and repetitive script, as translated by Beverly Cross and Francis Evans, eventually wrings a lot of the humor out of what should have been a sprightly romp.

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