Sunday, September 29, 2013


Great Lakes Theatre
September 27-October 20, 2013 or 216-241-6000

Bob Abelman

For this production of “Richard III,” the script has been significantly cut for greater expedience, restructured for enhanced comprehension, restaged in a contemporary setting to facilitate relevance, and performed with remarkable skill and artistry.  Purists will see all these alterations as blasphemous; the rest of us will simply thank director Joseph Hanreddy as we leave the theater at a reasonable time and after being thoroughly entertained.
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Roy Berko.

RICHARD is a finely crafted production and is a perfect compliment  to SWEENEY TODD as the partners of the “ maniacs gone wrong” duet that comprises  Great Lakes Theatre’s fall 2013-2014 season. Go see both!
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Fran Heller

There are few moments in theater making when every element of the production melds into a perfect whole.  Richard III is one such, a masterpiece and one of the most thrilling Great Lakes Theater productions of Shakespeare in recent memory.  While there is plenty of bloodletting in director Joseph Hanreddy's masterful production, what struck me about his contemporary take is how relevant this 500-year-old history play remains.

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Mark Horning

Richard III by Great Lakes Theater is must see Shakespeare that will impress everyone with its sharp execution.  Newcomers and long standing fans of the Bard will agree that this is truly an exceptional performance that should be shared by all.

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Christine Howey

The cast is led ably by Lynn Robert Berg as Richard, limping about on his twisted legs as he coos and snarls to put people in their place. It is a masterful and often witty performance that never becomes tiresome.

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Andrea Simakis

What I can say is go see it!  What I can say is--bravo!

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Art Thomas

There's more to this reimagined production than contemporary costumes. Messengers deliver communications through cell phones and computers appear on the battlefield. At the core however, Lynn Robert Berg captivates the audience with the evil title character. Joseph Hanreddy's direction effectively capitalizes on the extremes in what might be Shakespeare's most passion filled play. 

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