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Bob Abelman

Playwrights Trey Parker and Matt Stone, and composer Robert Lopez, are clearly men on a mission – it is just not from God.  Realizing this is the first step in appreciating what “The Book of Mormon” has in store.  After that, just sit back, enjoy the inanity, and thank this unholy trilogy for their bountiful gifts.

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Roy Berko

THE BOOK OF MORMON is an absolute go see production for anyone who is not a language prude or a religious fanatic.  It is filled with total delight, magical showmanship, a marvelous score, creative dancing and fine staging.  It’s everything a modern musical that is meant for pure entertainment, with a sip of philosophy, should be!

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Kerry Clawson

The Book of Mormon is an insanely funny theatrical experience that will leave audience members humming nutty tunes and laughing out loud at the extreme brilliance of it all.
Much has been said about the profanity and irreverence of the work, conceived by South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone along with funnyman Robert Lopez, creator of the equally naughty Avenue Q. But The Book of Mormon has a true heart in its story of hope, dominated by an underlying sweetness that belies its over-the-top blasphemy.

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Fran Heller

Talk about shock and awe.
There's plenty of both in the rollicking, blasphemous musical comedy, "The Book of Mormon," an irreverent and outrageously hilarious satire on Mormonism in particular and religion in general.
Not since Mel Brooks' "The Producers" have I laughed so hard and been so thoroughly touched by a show that, at its sacrilegious and politically incorrect heart, remains a valentine to religious faith.

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Christine Howey

With book, music and lyrics by Trey Parker, Robert Lopez and Matt Stone, this is a thoroughly immersive Broadway musical featuring melodies you want to hug to your chest—along with moments of gasp-inducing irreverence. That’s a heady brew, and this touring cast brings it off with nary a wrinkle or hitch.
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You will laugh, you will be shocked, you will be offended, you may cry, you may be moved, but above all you will be entertained. The Book Of Mormon is this season’s DO NOT MISS musical!

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Andrea Simakis

Foulmouthed "MORMON' just might save your soul.  Hello, how fabulous is that?

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Art Thomas

At its core, this show is an old-fashioned musical. On one level you'll enjoy the energy and comic sthick. On another, you'll see that the show really asks us to see our beliefs as they may appear to someone from another culture. 

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