Saturday, June 15, 2013

Cain Park--Alma Theatre
June 12-30, 2013

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Bob Abelman

"Smokey Joe's Café" is a musical revue not unlike the light-weight entertainment found on Caribbean cruise lines and in the far corners of theme park thoroughfares.  Yet this production soars thanks to top-rate talent on stage and behind the scenes, and despite scenic design that lacks any semblance of charm.

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Roy Berko

If you are interested in an evening of pleasant singing and dancing SMOKEY JOE’S CAFÉ will be your thing.  Me?  I like musicals with a story line or at least an attempt to make the “pieces parts” fit together.

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Fran Heller

 Joy is what "Smokey Joe's Cafe" is all about.
There is no book or story holding the action together, and yet the show, performed by an incredibly talented ensemble of nine singers and actors feels like a full-blown musical.
Credit Scott Plate's sparkling direction, which keeps the production speeding along, Gregory Daniels' dynamic choreography and the non-stop energy of an outstanding cast who sing, dance and act their hearts out.

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Smokey Joe's Cafe at Cain Park is well staged and performed, but failed to engage me, and ultimately left me wanting more.

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Mark Horning
Smokey Joe’s Café is an enjoyable evening of fast pace music that seems to fly by in spite of the technical deficiencies of the venue.  Two clicks up on the singer’s volume and two clicks down on the orchestra’s volume would go a long way in helping the show reach its potential.   
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Christine Howey

This show, directed by Scott Plate, is all about the music and dancing (there are about four lines of dialogue), and the nine talented cast members give their all. But the production is less than perfect.

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