Friday, June 7, 2013

Cleveland Public Theatre
May 30-June 15, 2013
                                               216-631-2727 or go to

Bob Abelman

It is hard to pinpoint just when post-apocalyptic stories became a mainstay in our mainstream entertainment.  And it is unclear whether Nostradamus’ prophecies, the Mayan calendar, or predictions in the “I Ching” are responsible.  But things must be getting serious when the Cleveland Public Theatre is offering its own doomsday drama in the form of playwright and director Raymond Bobgan's wonderful and thoroughly engaging "Rusted Heart Broadcast." 

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Christine Howey

This work of devised theater, created by director Raymond Bobgan and his nine-person ensemble, engages both the eye and the ear as seemingly spontaneous movement combines with layered music and chants to weave a fairly hypnotic spell over the proceedings.

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RUSTED HEART BROADCAST will send you out of the theatre questioning  your own life, relationships and priorities. It is indeed an unforgettable piece of theatre.

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Andrea Simakis

 Actors race around in circles and twtich.  The deliver lines with the passion of inmates begging for a pardon.  And what do all those sweaty exertions add up to?  A derivative work that is muddy, unfocused and, sin of all sins, a bore.
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