Friday, May 3, 2013

Blank Canvas
May 3-18, 2013
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Bob Abelman

Despite a superb cast and a valiant effort, Blank Canvas’ production of “Working: The Musical” is as tedious as the jobs this one-act ode to the ordinary American worker tries to champion. 

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Roy Berko

WORKING is the type of theatrical experience that is both purposeful and entertaining.  The message is clear, the lyrics and spoken words meaningful.  This is a well performed, meticulously conceived, and fine production under the creative powers of Pat Ciamacco.
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Fran Heller

Good voices, strong impersonations enhanced by Luke Scattergood's high-definition costumes, and Patrick Ciamacco's well-paced direction and smooth transitioning keep the episodic format from growing stale, though the uninterrupted show runs a tad long.
Director Ciamacco says he chose this show because "it's a perfect musical for our city and what the country is going through today." I agree.

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Christine Howey

BC’s six-person cast under the compassionate direction of Patrick Ciamacco presents more than two dozen distinctive people in different jobs. The songs, by a variety of composers, vary in quality but are often quite touching.

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Battery Park’s Blank Canvas Theatre has taken a late 1970’s musical, updated it, localized it, and put together a cast that is some of the very best non-union talent Cleveland has to offer. As it says in the show’s tagline, this truly is “The perfect musical for everyone who has ever worked a day in their lives,” and that is you!

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