Sunday, May 12, 2013

Cleveland Public Theatre
May 10-May 25, 2013
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Bob Abelman

The ancient Greeks believed that poets are inspired by muses. They remove from the artist all human senses and replace them with divine inspiration. Playwright Mickle Maher’s muse must have stopped off at Dionysus’ place for a few drinks, for this riveting and ridiculous comedy is inspired by someone else's poetry and a delightful, drunken nonsense persists rather than no sense at all.

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Roy Berko
If you went to college, and took a course in poetry, you’ll find yourself morphing back and wishing that your professors had had a romp in the grass, and expressed themselves with such absurd hysterical language, as the duo in THERE IS A HAPPINESS THAT MORNING IS, which is getting a fine production at CPT.
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Every piece of this elegant puzzle comes together to create a moving, funny, eloquently profane, and brilliant night of local theatre.

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Fran Heller

Profound and profane, funny and serious, intellectually challenging and erotic, "Happiness" is 90 witty and entertaining minutes of poetic and comic bliss.
Director Beth Wood's seductive production and a trio of pitch-perfect character-centric performances make for an evening of riveting theater.
"Happiness" provides ample rewards for the attentive listener. Anyone who revels in language will enjoy it.

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Christine Howey

It is a theatrical experience not to be missed, since the splendid script is matched by absolutely riveting performances. And even if the boat gets a little rocky towards the end, director Beth Wood skillfully brings it all to a most satisfying conclusion.

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Andrea Simakis

Every aspect of this quick and quick-witted production--the best I've sen at CPT all season--helps build to an, ahem, most unanticipated climax.  Let's just say it's a 90-minutes lecture any student in her right mind would want to miss.

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