Sunday, May 26, 2013

May 24-June 16, 2013
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Roy Berko

CROWNS tells an important story of perseverance and faith among the women of the Southern African American community, as represented by their “hatitude.”  The Karamu production, which has some strong performances, is somewhat tarnished by some directorial decisions, but is worth seeing. 

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Christine Howey

This is a rocking, foot-stomping gospel music tribute to the importance of an item of clothing that might appear trivial to some. But hats have deep meaning to these ladies. And although this production fizzles in places, the performers under the opulent headgear are, for the most part, immensely appealing.

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Andrea Simakis

CROWNS is one of the most produced musicals in the U.S..  There's a good reason for that:  Regina Taylor's gospel-infused celebration of church-going African-American women and their hats is an irresistible amalgam of oral history, stirring hymns and ancestor worship.  But, like a wide-brimmed number with to many embellishments--feathers and sequins and fruits, of my--the slender narrative, at least as it plays out in the Karamu Theatre production, is weighed down by one too many tales and hymnals.

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