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April 12-May 11, 2013

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Roy Berko

WHITE PEOPLE is very well worthwhile for anyone who thinks that gaining insight into personal ideas and values is a mission of theatre.  You won’t leave this production the same person as when you entered.  This is compelling theater!

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Kerry Clawson
In the drama White People, playwright J.T. Rogers’ goal is to take an unflinching look at the deep-seated prejudices held by three white Americans. He achieves that, but not without some meandering along the way.
The play, running about 90 minutes without intermission at None Too Fragile Theater, confronts racism through the uncensored comments of buttoned-up St. Louis attorney Martin, New York professor Allen and housewife/former cheerleader Mara Lynn in Fayetteville, N.C.

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Fran Heller

 J.T. Rogers' 2000 play, "White People" is an intriguing, albeit heavy-handed polemic on the explosive issue of race.

Sean Derry's inspired direction and a trio of heroic performances result in a production that is alternately interesting and tedious.
More character study than drama, the unwavering format grows static, making the 90-minute play (no intermission) feel considerably longer.

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Christine Howey

This production of White People, while intermittently funny and dark, feels mired in self-absorption when it should accost and jar the audience.

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