Sunday, April 7, 2013

Cesear's Forum
April 5 though May 4, 2013
                                             216-241-6000 or go to

Roy Berko

For those who are interested in seeing a version of what may be the very little performed PERHAPS PERICLES, the Cesear Forum’s showing is a good opportunity. 

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Fran Heller 

The play is a seriocomic look at one of Shakespeare's most convoluted plots, a meandering tale of incest, murder, a pair of shipwrecks, prostitution and piracy.
The two-act, 90 minute production proves that good acting, minimalism and a hefty imagination is all that's needed for a pleasant evening of condensed Shakespeare, upfront, close and personal.

To see a full review of this show, read Fran Heller's review at the Cleveland Jewish News

Christine Howey

Written in verse and clotted with plotting detritus, it's often hard to pull apart what's happening. The language (much of it, one assumes, authored by the less-than-iconic Wilkins) is often torturously dense and defiantly indecipherable. With all that convoluted storytelling this show is, miraculously, often quite funny.

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