Monday, April 8, 2013

Actors' Summit
April 4-21 2013

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Roy Berko

MOTHERHOOD OUT LOUD is a delightful, thought provoking evening of theatre that should be positively perceived by all audience members.  

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Kerry Clawson
In the poignant play Motherhood Out Loud, a mother overcome with emotion tells her newborn baby, “I want  you to know why I love you so much more than you will be able to tolerate one day.”
It’s one of the most poignant lines from a collection of vignettes about the cycle of motherhood, now playing at Actors’ Summit in downtown Akron. The play, conceived by Susan Rose and Joan Stein, is woven together from short scenes and monologues by 14 contemporary authors in theater, film and television, two of whom happen to be men.

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Fran Heller

 It's spring, the season of renewal, and perfect timing for "Motherhood Out Loud," a series of 18 short sketches and monologues about becoming and being a mom and the trials and tribulations of parenting.
Alternately amusing, moving, and downright gooey, "Motherhood" is a light divertissement of uneven appeal and quality, with some pieces clearly superior to others

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Marjorie Preston

regional premiere of “Motherhood Out Loud” at Actors’ Summit, conceived and developed by Susan Rose and Joan Stein and written by a team of successful and prolific writers, runs the gamut from laugh-out-loud funny to moving and sad, while remaining for the most part a relatable and heartfelt show. The first half is mostly funny and relatable while the second half delves more into moving, and at times sad, subject material before returning to a touching and funny finale called “My Baby.”.

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