Sunday, September 23, 2012

LAKELAND THEATRE @ Lakeland Community College
September 21-October 7
440-525-7134 or

Bob Abelman

The playwright cleverly employs the very axiomatic method used in devising proofs to tell this story, starting with undefined elements, working through their potential relationships, and allowing their worthiness and true nature to surface in the end. Likewise, director Martin Friedman's approach to this script reflects the same simplicity, delicacy, and fluidity that define a perfect proof. Math, it seems, can be riveting.

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Roy Berko

What happens when you combine a perfectly perceived script, which tells a meaningful story, and a gets masterfully staged show?   You get, Lakeland Theatre’s PROOF.  This is a production everyone interested in a good story and a great production must see!

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Fran Heller

When a perfect play meets a flawless production, the result is theatrical nirvana.
Such a play is David Auburn's "Proof" which bagged the 2001 Tony for best play and the Pulitzer, and rightfully so.  No less exhilarating is the very fine production at Lakeland Civic Theatre, under the passion-fueled direction of Martin Friedman and a quartet of sublime performances every inch as compelling as the 2000 Broadway show I saw.

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Christine Howey

Revolving around a father and daughter, both of whom are gifted but troubled mathematicians, the play peels back layers of both science and humanity—but in a continually entertaining and deeply affecting way.

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