Wednesday, September 19, 2012

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September 14-October 7
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Bob Abelman

It is ironic that the projected image of a football field that fills the back of the Allen Theatre stage during this production of "Lombardi" places the audience on the 25 yard line.  While its intention is to give us the impression of being right on the sidelines and privy to insider information, it actually reminds us of the limited vantage point and obstructed view provided in this play.

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Roy Berko

LOMBARDI doesn’t get the full six points of scoring a touchdown, but is good enough to get three for kicking a field goal. 
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Fran Heller

Vince Lombardi was one of the greatest coaches in football history.
"Lombardi" a bio-drama by Eric Simonson about the titular legendary hero, is not a great play.
While there is plenty to chew on for football aficionados, it fumbles as drama.

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Christine Howey

Predictable and ineffective in myriad ways, the script by Eric Simonson feels like a dated, timorous and worshipful after-school special spiced up with cocktails and shouting. Even a competent cast can't lessen the tedium of listening to way too much hardass coach-speak and precious little insight about what made this legendary (and significantly flawed) man tick.

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LOMBARDI is slow moving and there isn’t as much conflict as I would have hoped for, but it’s well staged, well acted and totally worth seeing, especially if you are a football fan.

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