Friday, April 13, 2012


Cleveland Public Theatre
April 13-28
Tickets: 216-631-2727 or

Roy Berko

IPHIGENIA 2.0 is a thought provoking, emotionally insightful piece of theatre that assaults the senses. It may be too abstract for some theatre-goers. Since I saw a preview performance I can only hope that the projection problems and some over-the-top acting will be reigned in as the run continues.

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Fran Heller
It was a long, costly and unnecessary war, instigated by motives that were questionable at best, resulting in the untold loss of human life and the bankruptcy of a great power. If you are thinking of Iraq and Afghanistan, you might not be wrong, but the war I'm talking about took place 2,400 years ago in Charles L. Mee's "Iphigenia, 2.0" a clever re-imagining of Euripedes's "Iphigenia in Aulis" and the mythical Trojan War.

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Christine Howey
Staged with entertaining, sinewy energy by director Matthew Wright, the production slaloms smoothly through the many narrative wickets established by the playwright. The morality of war and the craven nature of leadership are on display in this intensely theatrical production.

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