Saturday, April 21, 2012

God Of Carnage
April 20-May 13, 2012

note:  run has been extended until May 20, 2012
For tickets:  216-932-6838 or
Bob Abelman

Bile and bad behavior take center stage in Dobama’s ‘God of Carnage.’  The result is hilarious. To a point.  Fortunately, any dissatisfaction with the play is alleviated by this production’s superb ensemble.

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Roy Berko

GOD OF CARNAGE is a well written comedy that evokes constant laughter.  It gets a top-notch production at Dobama.  If you want an evening of totally delightful entertainment, to experience rationality being replaced by riot, this is a must go-see!

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Fran Heller

We're all savages under the skin.  It's far from an original concept, but French playwright Yasmina Reza takes it to new satiric heights in her razor-sharp comedy of ill manners, "God of Carnage."  Husbands and wives, who begin as allies, become the bitterest of enemies in this bruising battle of the sexes.

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Christine Howey

None of the characters has much to lose or gain in this situation, other than momentary embarrassment, so the eventual take-away feels a bit hollow. Still, Carnage will delight anyone who enjoys seeing supposedly refined sophisticates taken down a peg or three. And who doesn't love that?
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Marjorie Preston

GOD OF CARNAGE is well-acted, intense and full of dry humor.  GOD OF CARNAGE is full of honest and committed portrayals exaggerated for comedy’s sake.  GOD OF CARNAGE is a roller-coaster ride of shifting emotions and allegiances, a tragedy, really, with a lot of comedy along the way, featuring bold performances from its cast of four. 

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