Sunday, April 24, 2022

Life Sucks. @ Dobama Theatre

Through May 22, 2022
(216) 932-3396

 Roy Berko

Several years-ago I ended my review of Dobama’s production of Posner’s STUPID F**KING BIRD with the comment: “As a person present at the very start of Dobama, I would say that Donald Bianchi, the theater’s founder, would approve and be delighted that ‘his’ theater is still fulfilling ‘his’ dream.”  For LIFE SUCKS, I conclude: “Ditto!”  My recommendation?  Go, see, enjoy, participate!  Applause, applause!

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Sheri Gross

Dobama Theater’s production of Aaron Posner’s “Life Sucks” is a delightful, fresh-faced, albeit, darker comedy that renews your faith in…well, you will have to decide what part of your faith needs renewal

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Mark Horning

Without a doubt this family of misfits puts the “fun” in dysfunctional. Razor sharp writing and superb acting makes the time breeze by. This is a totally digestible Chekhov as the cast makes an effort to solve their problems with the assistance of the audience. Wise-Humane-Quirky-Endearing-Clever yet true to the spirit of the original. Chek it out.

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Chris Howey

"Happily, this performance directed by Nathan Motta takes splendid advantage of the witty script, turning the show into the most enjoyable two hours you've spent since you sucked down a CBD gummy and listened to a Mell Brooks & Carl Reiner comedy routine. "

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Zachery Lewis

"It definitely doesn’t suck. In fact, in many ways, it’s brilliant."

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