Sunday, February 6, 2022

Lizzie The Musical @ Beck Center for the Arts

Through February 27, 2022  
(216) 521-2540 x10


Roy Berko

The BW/Beck production is a high tension, rock-centric musical that has the audience bopping in their seats.  Anyone who likes good singing and acting, powerful music and interesting story, will have a goth-blast at LIZZIE.

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Sheri Gross

Whether you are familiar with the tale of Lizzie and her axe, or you are new to the saga of the burned dress and the “40 whacks,” this show is an experience, and if you are up for something a little different, a little loud, maybe a little out of your comfort zone, this production of Lizzie with its talented cast is worth the risk.

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Mark Horning

For those of you who love to flock to “slasher movies” this show is right up your alley. If you like rock and roll, all the better. Rather than a “who done it” it’s a “she done it” but you get to see how she got away with it. It’s blood, lust, sex, crazy family and murder all rolled up in a big rock and roll package. Rock On!   

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Laura Kennelly

It is rock music we are here for. And we get it. Director Victoria Bussert, with her trademark gusto, allows the four dynamic female leads to do abundant screaming. A few lyric pieces (“Sweet Little Sister”) offer welcome contrast, but major angst suffered by all four characters soon offsets peaceful moments.

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