Saturday, February 5, 2022

Jesus Christ Superstar @ Playhouse Square

Through February 20, 2022 
(216) 241-6000


Roy Berko

 JC SUPERSTAR, 50th anniversary edition, is a spectacle that will leave some with the reaction that it is overdone, overly loud, stressing abundance over story telling. This is not to say the audience will not marvel at the show.  They will leave talking about the grandeur of what they have seen and heard.  The question is, did they see a sound and light show or an epic musical that effectively told its story?

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Sheri Gross

The Superstar fans will be thrilled with this powerful revival, which manages to stay true to the original while giving it a fresh spin. The dynamic cast boasts vocal chords of steel, and all the passion that is demanded of such complex characters. That being said, this is not a perfect production.

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Mark Horning

Jesus Christ Superstar is epic rock opera at its best and this touring cast and orchestra does it proud. The show is quite dark as it is about the days leading up to the crucifixion which is not exactly light subject matter. In spite of that you will find yourself swept away by the music and choreography.    

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Kate Klotzbach

The production overall is absolutely worth seeing. The music is electric, the choreography is exciting, and the voices are a treat. Whether Christian or not, audiences will appreciate a timeless story with compelling songs and impressive moments. A dark and gritty version, the 50th Anniversary tour of Jesus Christ Superstar will have you believing in the power and resilience of theater.

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Joey Morona

The production is unlike any other in the country, enhanced by 22 local strings players joining the 11-piece traveling ensemble. The combined 33-piece orchestra creates an audio experience Playhouse Square describes as “live theatrical surround sound.”

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