Thursday, March 7, 2019


Through March 24, 2019
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Roy Berko

I didn’t find the touring production to be as dynamic as the Broadway show, but few patrons are going to leave not entertained. Come on, the stage is filled with talented kids, loaded with shticks and gimmicks, a dynamic score enfolded in an easily followed, yet obvious, story.  What’s not to like?

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Howard Gollop

With a book (script) by Julian Fellowes — yes, the one who gave us “Downton Abbey” — adapted from Mike White’s screenplay, the musical version of “School of Rock” succeeds where many a more ambitious show has failed. Like the protagonist himself, this musical just wants us to have a good time — clap a little and laugh a lot.

All would be for naught if the show had no worthy descendent of comedy king Jack Black. However, Marritt David Janes takes the reins and reigns supreme — an adept balancing act of ogre and teddy bear, not quite a Black impersonation, but clearly evoking his spirit while dancing and singing rather better.

Mark Horning

Once more the Connor Palace at Playhouse Square plays host to a blockbuster Broadway hit that pulls out all the stops. Be dazzled by the stage sets, costumes, dancing and music but especially the amazing talents of what is probably the world’s youngest rock band. Rock On!

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Laura Kennelly

School may be classified as “work” for children, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. School of Rock, now playing at Playhouse Square’s Connor Palace Theatre, offers a raucous musical treatise about how to have a blast in school, fool parents and teachers, and learn to be a hot rock star — at least if you have the right substitute teacher.

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