Friday, March 29, 2019


Through April 13, 2019
(216) 631-2727

Bob Abelman

Cleveland Public Theatre underserves Branden Jacobs-Jenkins’ ‘Gloria.’

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Roy Berko

“Gloria” is a relevant and topical script that with the right performances, attitude, and pacing could have been a fascinating evening of theatre.  As is, it’s a disappointment.
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Mark Horning

This is a show ripped right out of the front pages of the nation’s newspapers and magazines. It illustrates the pressure cooker environment that a majority of citizens have to endure on a daily basis without the benefit of sound mental health counseling. In short, the Great American Experiment is coming to a close and the rats have begun to eat each other. If you have ever worked in a tight office environment, see this show. You will totally relate to it..

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