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Through February 10, 2018
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Bob Abelman

‘An Iliad’ at Cleveland Play House takes us on a theatrical odyssey. 

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Roy Berko

In a virtuoso performance, Tarah Flanagan, using language that ranges from contemporary realism to epic poetry, and inhabiting over 50 characters, challenges us to realize the role of rage and think, “How do you know you’ve won?”  As the modern day conflicts in Vietnam, Syria and Afghanistan illustrate, “How do you know?”  This is an absolute “must see” production for anyone who desires to experience a theater production at its finest and is willing to probe what makes us human.

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Kerry Clawson

 In “An Iliad,” the tale of war that actress Tarah Flanagan recounts, is an age-old song of conflict, rage and destruction. But this single actress on a nearly bare stage makes the story feel contemporary as she addresses the audience directly as the Poet.

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Mark Horning

Take an epic poem, translate it into modern vernacular, relate it to situations that have been going on since time immemorial, add dashes of humor, the unworldly sounds of a cello, the sheer theatrical power of one tremendous actress and you have indeed a modern epic that will in itself go down through the ages. 

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Laura Kennelly

How about a war story? Stomping across the bare floor of the Outcalt Theatre, the seemingly indefatigable Tarah Flanagan as The Poet calls upon the muses to sustain and inspire her as she recounts An Iliad. Her version, crafted by Lisa Peterson and Denis O’Hare, is based on the Robert Fagles translation of Homer’s classic.

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Andrea Simakis

"An Iliad" is spellbinding, a rollicking adaptation filled with shrewd modern day references and burning with wit, intelligence and empathy, flawlessly executved by Tarah Flanagan and Eva Rose Scholz-Carlson.

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