Thursday, November 1, 2018


Through November 18, 2018
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Bob Abelman

Vive la national tour of ‘Les Misérables’ at Playhouse Square.

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Roy Berko

LES MIZ, Les Okay!   The touring version is not as compelling as other productions, but still a captivating piece of musical theater.

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Kerry Clawson

The national tour, now a year into its run and playing at Playhouse Square’s Connor Palace, is visually stunning and vocally magnificent. At the helm of this show’s sweeping emotion is Nick Cartell as Jean Valjean, whose singing and acting is both ferocious and heaven-sent. 

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Mark Horning

If you truly wish to see Broadway at its absolute finest, here is your chance to witness the grandeur of Les Miserables. It is truly a spectacular spectacle where every effort has been employed to wow the crowd. This will be one of the most talked about productions of the season.

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Christine Howey

This is a magnificent production, featuring dark and foreboding artistic backdrops inspired by Hugo’s paintings, awesome 3-D projections and some notable performances. But there are also a couple egregiously over-played bits that dampen the overall effect.

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Laura Kennelly

Steam Punk returns in this version of Les Misérables (let’s call it Les Miz) now playing in Playhouse Square’s Connor Palace through November 18. It’s yet another revival of the Cameron Mackintosh 1980s mega-hit: this time one that stresses metaphorical elements. Mist, smoke, fog, black and white shroud the stage.
This effect is said to be based on Victor Hugo’s own sketches, how he envisioned the scene. While it doesn’t work for me (I felt as if I needed to remove the sunglasses I was not wearing), it didn’t seem to bother other Les Miz fans around me one bit.

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David Ritchey

“Les Miserables” has been popular with audiences since 1862 when Victor Hugo published the novel. The musical version opened on Broadway in 1987 and went on to receive eight Tony Awards.  Now, the show is playing a three-week residency in Cleveland, Ohio.  This is a large touring company with almost 40 in the cast and about 16 in the orchestra. 

This musical version of the Jean Valjean story contains several different plots, which complement the novel. The stories open wide to include many different plot points and, yet, in the final moments of the play the elements of the plots find unity.
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Andrea Simakis

Timelss "Les Miz" still enthralls.

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