Sunday, November 25, 2018

BOOGIEBAN @ none too fragile

November 16-December 8, 2019  330-962-5547

Bob Abelman

For those in need of theater-as-therapy due to the lasting impact of war on its victims home and away, “Boogieban” will prove to be a welcome and welcoming retreat.  For other theatergoers, the performances will make your trip to Akron worthwhile.

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Roy Berko

With its must see production of “Boogieban,” none too fragile again proves that it is one of the area’s finest theaters.  This gem of a production house expands to the national scene when this staging moves to Chicago and then to New York with the same cast and production values!  

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Kerry Clawson

In DC Fidler’s “Boogieban,” a military psychiatrist treats a young, psychologically damaged soldier with understanding and mercy, and in the process, the younger man ends up giving the elder one a priceless gift. The somberly poetic drama, now in its world premiere at None Too Fragile Theatre in Akron, played to a sold-out crowd that included the playwright and military consultant Maj. RJ Casey on opening night Friday.

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Christine Howey

In Boogiebanby D.C. Fidler, now having its world premiere presentation at None Too Fragile theater in Akron, there is banality present. But while it starts slowly, this two-hander builds inexorably to a climactic scene that is so emotionally wrenching you feel it in your bones.

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