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Bob Abelman

X’s and O’s don’t add up in Playwright Local’s ‘Down by Contact.’

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Roy Berko

“Down By Contact” exposes the audience to an important present-day issue:  the effects of head trauma on athletes. It also vividly shows the effects of CTE and how the National Football League tried to avoid responsibility for a lack of protection of the players.  The script itself needs some refining and further development.   

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Mark Horning

What happens when the roar of the crowd fades away and the effects of countless injuries begin to physically and mentally manifest themselves in our sports heroes? Playwrights Local and Dobama Theatre’s production gives you a realistic look into life after the gridiron. Well worth the drive to see this one.

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Christine Howey

Because the play never delves deeply enough into Carson’s terror of his mind leaving him, and due to a concluding eulogy by Tommy and Kelsey that is unnecessarily garbled, the end result is not an emotional touchdown. It’s more of a three-and-out.

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