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Through July 1, 2018
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Bob Abelman

This production’s understated quality, while occasionally troublesome, most certainly sets its focus squarely on the inward drama of its key characters without ever losing touch with the brutality of their situation and a lesson that still needs to be taught. 

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Mark Horning

Yes…the Nazis were brutal people. We are very much aware of that, but nowhere is this better portrayed than in the Blitzkrieg production of BENT. This is truly edge of your seat drama with a number of heart stopping events that will take your breath away. This is NOT theater for the faint of heart.

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Christine Howey

With a couple small exceptions, this production under the direction of Matthew Wright hits exactly the right tone, sliding from a Noel Coward-ish amusing beginning to outright horror. 

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Laura Kennelly

What would you do to survive? Bent, a 1979 drama by Martin Sherman, ruminates on this question and others in this Beck Center production. The title does not mean it’s a satire of Rent (as I had hoped), but that it touches on social norms and what is considered “straight” and what is considered “bent.”
The tight confines of the Studio Theatre make it hard to avoid the story’s harsh truths. And that is clearly what director Matthew Wright intends.

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Andrea Simakis

Despite [Andew] Gorrell's transfixing turn, 'Bent" buckles under the heaviness of its own subject matter, as though weighted with rocks.

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