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Through November 19, 2017
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Bob Abelman

Director Laura Kepley finds all the play's dramatic beats and very human moments, and turns what could easily be an historical re-creation or revered testimonial into a resonating piece of theater. 

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Roy Berko

“The Diary of Anne Frank” is a powerful and important play. Especially in this country, when racist, religious and national attacks are condoned by the country’s leader, it is imperative that the message of “never again” be bannered.  Cleveland Play House has done a great service by staging the message of a young girl who was destroyed by bigots and haters.  This is a must see production! 

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Mark Horning

As the play develops, we the audience begin to feel the claustrophobic conditions that these eight had to endure for years. Although at times comical, poignant, spiritual and dramatic it never wavers from the theme of fear and repression of innocents. In effect we ourselves become prisoners of the barb wire shrouded theater. An excellent example of true to life theater and a must see show for all.

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Christine Howey

Setting quibbles aside, The Diary of Anne Frank feels fresher and more relevant now than at any time in recent history.  

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Laura Kennelly

It’s both painful and important to realize that The Diary of Anne Frank is based on truth, not fiction. Drawn from incidents described in young Anne’s diary, this moving drama by Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett (adapted by Wendy Kesselman), runs through November 19 at Playhouse Square. Bottom Line: A fine and moving production of what is now a classic.

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Andrea Simakis

Whatever its flaws, "The Diary of Anne Frank," as this finely crafted, haunting production proves, exists to remind us where unchecked fear and intolerance can lead  That's resson enough to stage it any decade."

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