Saturday, June 3, 2017


Through July 2, 2017
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Bob Abelman

“Really Really” had a twice-extended run Off-Broadway in 2013.  It will not be surprising if the Beck Center production follows suit.

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Roy Berko

“Really Really” is “murder” mystery without a dead body, but still asks, “Who did it?”  The cast is well-selected and each person effectively textures their role.  The result is a production which sparks with intensity, sucking the viewer into an experience which is edgy, shocking and thought-provoking.  It’s a must see for anyone interested in thoughtful and well-conceived theater.
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Mark Horning

For those who like their drama ripped right out of the pages of social media as frank discussion about sex, binge drinking, abuse and manipulation run rampant during the roughly two hours of stage time this is your play. If on the other hand you prefer light comedies and musicals you may wish to reconsider seeing this show. This production is graphic to say the least but it will hold your attention.
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Christine Howey

Ultimately, there are no easy answers provided in this piece, which is so often the case in incidents where allegations of rape are involved. 

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Laura Kennelly

Getting drunk, casual sex, self-interest, lying and manipulation all play a part in Paul Downs Colaizzo’s Really, Really, the latest Beck Center Studio Theater offering. The play, which premiered at the Signature Theatre in Arlington, Virginia in 2012, is directed by Donald Carrier. It’s pretty much a “He said/She said” story where the truth may not ever be fully figured out. Both major witnesses — in other words, the couple who may or may not have had sex, sex which may or may not have been consensual — have reasons to lie.

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Andrea Simakis

Nouveau nihilism disguised as social critique eventually finds its bottom-feeding soul. Ick.

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