Thursday, June 8, 2017


Through June 24, 2017
(440) 941-0458

Roy Berko

Comedian Steve Martin has written a thought-provoking, clever script which gets a less than stellar production.  It’s not bad, just not what it could be.
To see a full review of this show, read Roy Berko's blog here.

Mark Horning

At times gently humorous, the show is a great idea in a desperate search of a solid identity (imagine Hamlet as an underdone madcap comedy). It is a work that could easily be viewed with one eye closed if indeed you’re willing to put forth that much effort. While the acting is for the most part competent, some of the match-ups are off-kilter. In short it seems to be a tongue in cheek look at the pretentiousness of the intellectual community. Buy a ticket and see for yourself.  
To see a full review of this show, read Mark Horning's blog.