Wednesday, July 27, 2016


July 28 through August 14, 2016
(330) 929-4416 or (330) 672-3884

Roy Berko

Artistic Director Terri Kent knows her Porthouse audience, and her show selection, casting, choice of support staff and directing all lead to a very happy full-house exiting the theatre on opening night of Footloose.   And, what delights will next season bring?

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Kerry Clawson

Almost Paradise is a duet made in heaven between Lindsay Simon and Paul Schwensen. They not only sing this iconic number so beautifully they make you swoon, they also make a great-looking couple once Ariel finally lets her walls come down.

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Mark Horning

This Porthouse Theatre production of “Footloose” is everything that outdoor summer theater is about.  A mixed aged cast putting together an exciting exhibition of song, dance and acting that makes for a delightful evening under the stars.

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