Thursday, July 7, 2016


July 8 through August 14, 2016
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Bob Abelman

Beck’s ‘Billy Elliot’ lands the grand jeté but falls short of expectations. 

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Roy Berko

 As evidenced by the many bursts of applause following dance numbers and vocal solos, in spite of some questionable conceptual and execution aspects, audiences should appreciate the production.  Praise to Martin Céspedes for his choreographic concepts.

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Howard Gollup

One, of course, is the young man in the title role — Seth Judice, a singing, dancing pre-teen powerhouse who grasps his character in dialogue, song and dance.
The other is Martin Cespedes, a frequent choreographer at Beck Center and other local professional stages. Known for his ability to squeeze every bit of Broadway pizzazz out of any show and its cast, he has ascended ably into the majestic realm of interpretive ballet.

Mark Horning

At times brilliant, at times not so, the show fortunately balances out slightly more on the plus than minus.  Some of the technical problems are solvable while those disconnects with the audience may take some additional work to overcome.

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Art Thomas

The choreography and direction of this production have some intriguing departures from the touring production in Cleveland  a few years ago. The dynamic cast fill the Beck Center Stage with the emotional power of miners on strike and a child dancer who overcomes odds to feed his passion. The loud production also pulls off intimate moments thanks to the skilled leads.  

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