Saturday, February 7, 2015

Dogfight @ Beck Center for the Arts

Through March 15, 2015

17801 Detroit Avenue, Lakewood, 216-521-2540    

Bob Abelman

In Beck Center’s "Dogfight," no one comes out a winner.

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Roy Berko 

The production agreement between Beck Center and the Baldwin Wallace Musical Theatre program has produced some outstanding productions.  Though it is not bad, DOGFIGHT is not of the quality of the duo’s previous stagings.   

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Mark Horning

While the premise of “Dogfight” starts out as a bunch of marine toughs perpetrating a cruel joke in the end the principle player, Eddie Birdlace, finds compassion as well as true comfort in the arms of Rose.  In the end he realizes that truly Everything is Beautiful.

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Christine Howey

This is the latest collaboration between Beck Center and the esteemed Baldwin Wallace University Music Theatre Program. They have put together some extraordinary productions in the past, but this one suffers from flawed material and other issues.

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Andrea Simakis

Precision performances - Broadway quality and better - are what give this love story its real bite.

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Art Thomas

The young cast of "Dogfight" are well chosen from the Musical Theater program at B-W U.  The weaknesses of the script's second act are minimalized by the in-your-face immediacy of this production. Selected images from the era suggest that Vietnam was, in fact, a musical.
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