Saturday, January 31, 2015

Violet @ Lakeland Civic Theatre

Through February 15, 2015
Lakeland Community College, 440-525-7526

 Bob Abelman

If scar tissue could sing, its music would be written by Jeanine Tesori with words by Brian Crawley.  Rarely has a composer and lyricist joined forces to produce as tender, touching and unconventional a musical about the scars we bear – inside and out – as “Violet,” currently on stage at Lakeland Civic Theatre.

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Christine Howey
The characters and the music in Violet are both complex and believable, creating a seamless work that is fully satisfying. As Violet and Finch grow closer, two people being judged by their outward appearance, the play concludes by saying “Yes” to a happy ending that feels fully earned.

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